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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc.

Allison Abel

2625 S Orange Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92707-
Phone Number (888) 315-9037
Fax (866) 308-9719
Email 0cb8ccc7-169c-4959-835e-46f198366dd3
Internet www.GreenfieldsFitness.com
Company Description
Greenfields Outdoor Fitness has built an international reputation for high-quality outdoor fitness zones. Greenfields offers the Professional Series, an advanced line of outdoor fitness equipment with adjustable resistance to cater to individual needs. Incorporating a bidirectional piston, the units give resistance on both push and pull actions, maximizing effort expended with each repetition. Greenfields’ product line also includes body-weight leverage and static units. With installations in schools, military bases, parks, senior centers and more, Greenfields offers fitness solutions for nearly every demographic.

Greenfields’ Professional Series - www.gfoutdoorfitness.com/professional-series.html

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