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Company Description

Preferred Seating®

America's leading stadium seating innovator! Made in the U.S.A.!

Convert your bleachers into a stadium!

Renovating stadium seats is a snap!  Our Tuf Stadium Bleacher Chairs can be mounted on bleachers and risers for existing facilities.  Our Tuf Stadium Bleacher Seats attach directly onto existing bleacher seats, essentially converting drab bleachers into colorful stadium seats.  It’s an investment with continued dividends: more comfort means more spectators, and more spectators means more income.  Tuf Stadium Seats are a  hit everywhere they’ve been installed, and can be part of a successful fundraising campaign.  Neighborhood  etc, etc,  (please take out the word Liberty wherever you see it)

Raising Funds
Perhaps your school or university offers bleacher seats to season ticket holders. These supporters can be offered the option of upgrading to individual Tuf Seats. Raise funds to further enhance your sports programs. Teachers, students, and organizations can purchase Tuf Seats and auction them or raffle them off to generate revenue.

Call: 317-782-4555

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